Knowledge is obsolete! Unburden yourself here…

I have been following the tweets from Northern Rocks with interest. As always with education conferences, there are some really smart ideas tossed out and hashtagged for posterity. But every now and again one of these edu-summits spews out a thought that is a real game changer.

I think this may be that very thought:

Yep: Knowledge is becoming obsolete. It’s over. It’s done for. It’ll soon be pushing up the daisies. This is brilliant news.

Think of everything we could do without knowledge cluttering up our brains? Actually… don’t think of everything we could do! The beauty of knowledge obsolescence is that you don’t have to think at all.

So what should we do with all this knowledge we’ve already accumulated? If knowledge is truly becoming obsolete, we could unburden ourselves of the knowledge we have already acquired and free our brains up for other, more important stuff.

I’m sold on this. It’s the way forward. So I have a proposition. A proposition for others, like me, who believe that knowledge is obsolete. We can just look up stuff we need now, so we don’t need to really know anything. Let’s put our money where our mouths are. Let’s show everyone exactly how obsolete knowledge is. This is it. This is what I propose we do:

Let’s have our minds wiped. Let’s do it. Let’s get rid of everything we know. Let’s unburden ourselves of all of the knowledge that we have amassed over our lives. Let’s do this so that we can move forward in a world where we can live freely and achieve great things without the heavy burden of dusty old knowledge littering up our noggins.

If, like me, you truly believe that knowledge is becoming obsolete, this is a sign of our commitment to that belief.

Who’s in? I’ll fire up the neuralyzers…

5 thoughts on “Knowledge is obsolete! Unburden yourself here…”

  1. Well, I’ve bombarded Alistair Arnott with a series of (to be clear – openly welcomed) tweets in the past few minutes to perhaps ‘query’ his point. I hope his talk wasn’t as ironic as your post – as I’ll probably look rather irrelevant! 🙂

  2. Welcome to the world of Mr Arnott. He has watched Sir Ken Robinsons talks and presents these as his own. Watch his other presentations on YouTube. They are jaw droppingly bad. None of his ideas stand up to any questioning and he bases his presentations on sound bites e.g. Positive failure, de manufacturing education, knowledge is obsolete etched. He never presents any practical observations and believes that change for change sake is the way forward. If you listen to any of his presentations he never actually says anything. I watched him recently at Derby and he said he thought education should be like coral reefs: eg. Beautiful. You could make it up.

  3. Another thing about Mr Arnott. For someone who espouses Positive Failure I have never met anyone who celebrates his own success as much as him. Just look at his Twitter account. It is an ode to his “greatness”.

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