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The impression that I get: Sir Ken at #EducationFest

Okay, I wasn’t there. It was a Friday so I was, you know, teaching lessons and that. Therefore, what follows┬áis just an impression I have from Sir Ken Robinson’s speech at The Sunday Times Festival of Education 2015. The impression I get is from comments on Twitter. Comments such as these:

So what is the impression I get from Sir Ken’s speech? Well, it’s that he is charming and clever and has the crowd in the palm of his hands. But it’s also that he seems to avoid committing to saying anything concrete, anything substantial. I’m not sure that he confronts any scrutiny or challenge to his ideas. The impression that I get is basically this:

Oh, and apparently he also said this:

Oops. Naughty me.

But he’s right. This is an ad hominem. And I’m happy to be corrected on my impression. Please comment and put me right.