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Want to share knowledge organisers?

One of the many powerful things to come out of the brilliant team at the Michaela Community School in North London is the use of knowledge organisers to specify what core knowledge is to be taught in a scheme of work. If you don’t know what these are, before you go any further you should read MCS Assistant Head Joe Kirby‘s blogpost explaining why and how they use them:

Knowledge Organisers

Brilliant, eh? I recently nicked this idea from the MCS crew and shared one of these for one of the texts on the new English GCSE (Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and it got a lot of interest. In fact, pretty soon a lot of people were sharing their knowledge organisers for other texts on the new GCSE and there was talk of collecting them somewhere.

Knowledge organisers are used across all subjects at MCS, so rather than just collecting them for English, I thought it may be more of a useful resource for all subjects to share them in one place. These can then be downloaded and adapted for your needs if required (for example, someone might choose to add ‘Freudian psychoanalysis’ in the context section for the Jekyll and Hyde knowledge organiser I uploaded).

With all this in mind, and with Joe’s blessing, I’ve set up a shared folder in Google Drive so that anyone can add their own or download an existing one.

I’ve just added a few subjects to begin with – feel free to add a new folder if you are uploading a knowledge organiser for your subject and there isn’t a folder already there.

Thanks to Nick Wells, Brittany Wright and Bryn Davis who have been incredibly quick off the block in adding their knowledge organisers for English texts.

Please get involved – this could be a great resource across all subjects.

NOTE: Please don’t delete or move the folders or documents to somewhere else on your Google Drive – you are working with a a shared folder, so if you delete/move anything, you are moving them for everyone else. Just download any you need. You can then upload them again to your own Drive folders if necessary.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, the knowledge organisers folder is no longer available. I was hoping that this would be an easy and accessible resource but, despite putting PLEASE READ notices everywhere I could, people are still accessing the drive without care and consideration and deleting them for everyone else. Since May 2015, I’ve had to regularly spend time retrieving files but, as a full time teacher, this is hugely time consuming and I can no longer continue to do this. If somebody else would like to set up a similar system and manage it, please do.